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Eniokos Services

"Scars are a truly beautiful thing. Yes, they can be a little ugly on the outside, but scars show that you're a survivor, that you made it through something, and not only did you make it through, but now you're stronger and wiser and more educated because of that tough time that you went through."  - Kyle Carpenter

We are a bunch of warrior women at Eniokos. Our mission is to help people achieve their best. We use our skills to contribute to your journey of business, academic or personal achievements. We offer our services to solve a problem, fulfil a requirement or improve an asset of the client. The team members of Eniokos Services are friends bound by the common thread of having battled serious illnesses, conquered physical disability, restarted work after long career breaks, or overcome other major life challenges. Our lives are richer for the adventures we have had. As we move our offline business to the online space, we are excited about the new experiences that will come our way. 


Overcoming life-altering challenges and rediscovering meaning requires recalibration of several internal compasses. The insights and wisdom we have gained from our life experiences inform our work. Inclusion, neurodivergence, disability, mental health, chronic illness, education and healthcare accessibility, families, and work-life balance are issues close to our hearts. We don't consider our work as only a means to make money. Our work helps us to forge connections, develop meaningful relationships, and discover more about the world.  

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Eniokos Services

Our team has freelancers with education and experience in sciences and humanities, including medical, psychology, pedagogical and engineering. Our clients include journalists, law scholars, writers, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, professionals, publishers, students, and educators. 

Integrity, perseverance, and excellence are our core values. We strive for quality and 100% customer satisfaction. At Eniokos Services, you will get standard delivery times, fair pricing and high quality. We will handle your data with total confidentiality, with extra steps of security for sensitive projects. 

We choose our work ethically, so we will not work on jobs that require writing factually misleading (especially medical) or prejudicial information. There is a person behind every service, so we like to put a human touch to our work. We appreciate clients who maintain good communication - clear instructions, constructive feedback, and mutually respectful attitude. 

Eniokos Transcription Services India

At Eniokos Services, you get:

☐ Manual transcription - no AI (according to your choice)

☐ AI transcription using Descript with proofreading and QC (according to your choice)

☐ With or without timestamps

☐ Different editing and formatting options

☐ Total confidentiality

☐ Secure file handling

☐ Timely delivery

☐ High quality work

☐ Proofread and quality checked deliveries at no extra cost

☐ Unlimited revisions

☐ Transparency and regular updates on work progress

☐ Customized services - transcription + writing services

☐ Proofreading and editing services for articles, blog posts, journal manuscripts, etc. 

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Do our life experiences resonate with you? Connect with us! Are you someone who is interested in diversity, inclusion and social ventures? We would love to work with you!

Eniokos Services

Let us know how we can help your project!

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