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Eniokos Transcription Services

  • Indian English Transcription

  • Indian Accent Transcription

  • Regional Accents

  • Hindi to English Translation-Transcription

  • Hinglish Transcription

  • High Quality Manual & AI Transcription

  • Combine with Writing-Editing Services

  • Confidentiality Assured

  • Customized Editing & Formatting

  • Timely Delivery

Eniokos Writing & Transcription Services
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Languages We Transcribe

  • Indian English

  • Different Regional Accents of Indian English

  • Hindi-English (Hinglish) Bilingual Audios

  • Hindi to Hindi, Hindi to English transcripts

  • UK/US/European/Australian English

  • For Audios with other regional languages mixed with English, discuss with us

Audios Types We Transcribe

Lectures, Seminars, Dissertations, Presentations, Interviews, Medical Content, Videos, Podcasts, Voice Memos, etc. 

Eniokos Writing & Transcription Services

Proofreading & Translation


Do you have an AI generated transcript that needs editing and formatting?

AI generated transcripts can be quite off the mark with Indian English or speakers who code-switch between Hindi and English or use macaronic words. 

We can proofread and edit English/ Hindi transcripts that are AI generated from audio-video content. We can also combine Hindi to English translation to proofread English transcripts of Hindi audio content. 


We can simultaneously transcribe and translate any Hindi audio or video content into English. We also combine transcription, translation, and writing services to create well-structured English articles or stories from your Hindi podcast audio/ YouTube videos for your blog or website.

Eniokos Hinglish Transcription Services_
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Styles of Transcript

  • Strict Verbatim: Even filler words, sounds like ums, and coughs are written

  • Clean Verbatim: Filler words, false starts, non-relevant sounds are not mentioned

  • Light Edits: Clean Verbatim with Light Edits. Grammar is improved to make transcript more readable, small errors are corrected. Context and nuances are preserved. 

  • Transcription with Deep Edits: The audio is converted to an easy to read, well-structured Article, Summary/Key Points, Report or Notes. 

  • Lecture Notes: Medical or Academic Lecture Transcription to Notes

At Eniokos Services, We Offer

☐ Manual transcription (no AI)

☐ AI transcription with Descript - with or without proofreading 

☐ With or without timestamps

☐ Different editing and formatting options

☐ Total confidentiality

☐ Secure file handling

☐ Timely delivery

☐ High quality work

☐ Proofread and quality checked deliveries at no extra cost

☐ Unlimited revisions

☐ Transparency and regular updates on work progress

☐ Customized services - transcription + writing services

☐ Proofreading and editing services for articles, blog posts, journal manuscripts, etc. 

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