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Client Testimonials

Eniokos Services Testimonials

On this page, we share a few publicly posted reviews of our work, and feedback given in emails with permission to share.  

19. Project Type: Transcription of Interviews (Indian Accent English)


"THANK YOU. Your work and services have far exceeded my expectations. The transcripts are so well done, and your thoughtful explanations will truly save me hours and hours of work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent service you provided."


"AMAZING!!!! Truly, they are superb. I appreciate the headings you added, and your notes about Indian culture are absolutely incredible. They will help me so much as I write this book. THANK YOU for your amazing work." 

— K.W., Circa Legacy, USA (Writer)

18. Project Type: Line Editing of PhD Thesis


"It was truly a pleasure to work with Eníokos Services. The editor assigned to proofread my doctoral thesis was exceptionally dedicated, meticulous, professional, and friendly. Eníokos Services helped me find better ways to articulate my points, as well as spot minor grammatical mistakes that had slipped into my thesis. Moreover, the rate they provided was highly advantageous. I wholeheartedly recommend Eníokos Services to everyone!"

— Y.N., Belgium (Researcher)


17. Project Type: Transcription, Translation, Research and Article Writing


"We had a wonderful experience working with ES on this project. Her copywriting and research skills are top notch. The project was completed in time with utmost professionalism. She was readily approachable and quick to revert. She goes extra mile to ensure the final deliverables are of utmost quality. Would highly recommend her"

---P.B., India (Startup Entrepreneur)


16. Project Type: Article Writing and Editing (series of contracts)


"Excellent Work quality!! Highly professional!! Probably the very best freelancer I have worked with till date." 

"Pleasure to work with! Excellent work!!"

"Highly professional!! Excellent command over English language."

---S.G., India (Edutech Entrepreneur)

15. Project Type: Project Proposal Editing 


"Thank you for your excellent work in giving shape to my idea. Without your excellent writing, the application would not have succeeded."

— Name Withheld, IIT Mumbai, India (Scientist)

14. Project Type: Audio Transcription with Notes


"Meticulous and careful work. Accurately done with very good formatting. Thanks and looking forward to future collaboration."

—M.D., India (Author)

13. Project Type: Research and Report Writing


"Fantastic work, I will be hiring again for future research projects!!"

"Perfect like always, Thanks again."

— Joshua L., Bohr Industries, Australia (Entrepreneur)

12. Project Type: Website & Blog Proofreading and Editing


"Went above and beyond the expectations, accurate in understanding what I had in mind and provided many useful inputs. Eniokos was able to provide a consistent and high-quality work. Very good proofreading and editing skills. Timely submissions. Very fairly priced, good work ethics. All in all, will reach out to E.S. for future projects."

—S.B., India (Business Owner)

11. Project Type: Podcast to Article Conversion (long contract)


"Good experience with Eniokos Services. Satisfied with quality of work. Good communication and collaboration."

—N.R., India (Podcaster & Blogger)

10. Project Type: Medical Manuscript Editing and Proofreading


"Very thorough work. Constructive inputs and excellent editing skills."

—Dr. S.V., India (Medical Professional)

9. Project Type: Translation of Hindi Reports to English


"Great working with Eniokos. Timely and reliable work. Good communication."

—P.D., India (NGO Employee)

8. Project Type: Scientific Manuscript Editing (long contract)


"We have been long term clients of Eniokos Services. We find it a pleasure to work with E.S. due to her intuitive understanding of our requirements and helping to make our manuscripts well written. Outstanding work." 

—Name Withheld, India (Scientist)


7. Project Type: Site Content Development


"Super job! Very efficient and professional. Highly recommend."

—Name Withheld, Malaysia (Educational Services)

6. Project Type: Video Transcription and Summary Notes (series of contracts)


"Exceptional job - thanks for the extra mindmaps and illustrations that you included. Your notes were invaluable for my success."

—Swati L., India (Student)

5. Project Type: Editing Content for "Letter from Guest Editor" of a Journal


"This is Superb!!! Thank you so much!" 

—R.S., Australia (Senior Executive)

4. Project Type: Writing Articles


"Delivered exactly what was asked and more. Excellent writer. Communicated constantly and provided updates. I highly recommend Eniokos Services."

—Laura A., Costa Rica (Content Writer)

3. Project Type: Hindi YT Video to English Transcription (20 Episodes)


"Very good translation and transcription. ES maintained good communication and delivered ahead of schedule. Happy with the work, will use your services again." 

—M.K.S., India (Writer)

2. Project Type: Editing AI generated Transcripts (Indian Accent English)


"It was an amazing experience with ES! Our job was completed before deadline, super fast and professional, and we look forward to working together again in the future." 

—Lihi.G., Panjaya A.I., Israel (AI company working on voice transcription)

1. Project Type: Content Development, Graphics, Website, Blog (long contract)


"I just wanted to take a moment to say a big 'thanks' to you. I think I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate you going out of your way to help other women out in so many different ways that you do. You have helped me set everything up in so many ways. And you really get what I need, always manage to put it into words just nicely. Totally appreciate the dedication you put in for my work. I am glad you have started the website and expanding your work. So, here's to Eniokos Services and to many more years of awesome storytelling. Cheers!"

— V.G.S., Singapore (Entrepreneur)

NOTE: We protect the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information and the data of our clients which are entrusted to us. Read about our policy on confidentiality here. We will not share your personal details, identity and any other privately shared information related to you or your document/data that you have provided us, with anyone without your written permission. We will not share or display the work done for you with anyone else, without your permission.  

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