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Terms & Conditions

Confidentiality and Ethics

Eniokos Services is committed to providing secure services to its customers. Eniokos Services treats all materials obtained from the customer with confidentiality. We take the protection of intellectual copyright, medical information, company content, research content, and other forms of confidential documents seriously. We do not discuss the contents with anyone. The files or their contents will not be shared with anyone in any way. We will delete the files related to the project, on receipt of written instruction, immediately after completion of service. If no instruction is given, all the documents will be permanently deleted from our system within 120 days of job closure. We do not disclose any clients' identities or contact information without first obtaining permission to do so. The material from clients is stored in a dedicated folder for each client. No hard copies are made of any content. Our dedicated work-computers are updated, secure, firewalled, password protected and used in a private setting using secured Wi-Fi. The work is not sub-contracted or outsourced without permission. If you specify your material is extra sensitive, the contents will be stored in a password protected folder on an encrypted drive. We provide file transfers over the secure servers of Google, Microsoft and Dropbox.


Copyright, Attribution and Responsible Use

You as a customer retain sole copyright and ownership over all content submitted to Eniokos Services for transcription, proofreading and editing, including any content subsequently created by us. The content written and/or edited by us as a part of the contract is your property, and we do not claim any copyright to it. If you wish to attribute or credit us in anyway, please use the name "Eniokos Services". If you wish to link to our business, please use the URL: "". The contract implies that you will not use the services provided by us for any illegal or unethical purpose. In case you do, we assume no responsibility for the same. 



Plagiarism and copyright infringement are serious offenses. Eniokos Services reserves the right to refuse any job that it finds to involve plagiarism or copyright breach and cancel any contract that is found to have plagiarized content. By agreeing to this contract, the customer agrees not to use the content provided by our services for any illegal or unethical purpose. The conditions of confidentiality will not hold if any content provided by us is used for illegal purposes. If required by law, we will share the requested information with the relevant agency, even if the information was given to us confidentially. Eniokos Services holds the right to, at its discretion, discontinue or terminate or alter operation of its website, services, or business name without notice, without any reason, at any time.



Eniokos Services reserves the right to refuse to work on any content that promotes in any way: violence, hatred, or discrimination; or content that is obscene or pornographic; or content that breaks any national and international law. The users of the website of Eniokos Services and this form are prohibited from uploading any material that is infected with virus or malware, or any content that is illegal, abusive or threatening, libelous or defamatory, obscene or pornographic, as well as any other content that violate any law. The content from the customer may contain opinions or views that are not of Eniokos Services or of the employees of Eniokos Services. Eniokos Services is not responsible or liable for any issues arising from the use of any information contained in customer contents including misleading or defamatory statements, or the infringement of third party copyright.


Acceptance of Order

All orders are subject to acceptance by Eniokos Services. Eniokos Services will confirm the acceptance of contract after receipt of advance payment. An order will be deemed accepted by Eniokos Services only if it gives confirmation of acceptance of order by email or personal message to the customer. Filling out the order form without prior agreement and uploading of any files does not constitute an acceptance of service by Eniokos Transcription Services. Eniokos Services may refuse to accept any order without any explanation and also holds the right to accept the order subject to the customer's acceptance of conditions imposed by Eniokos Services.



The cost of the service will not be refunded once work on the contract has commenced. Eniokos Services is committed to providing complete satisfaction to customers through our high quality services. However, we cannot guarantee that the edited documents are "perfect" and "error-free". You are required to check the edits to ensure that the document meets the standards you require. Eniokos Services is not liable for any kind of damages related to the services provided. If you are not satisfied with the quality of a document, you are advised to get back to us and we will revise the document. However, Eniokos Services is not obligated to refund the cost of the service, once the service has been started, or when the service has been completed and the edited document is less than perfect. We request in case of any issues, you contact us, and we will make every effort to address the situation. The customer is responsible for reviewing the edited document upon completion and contacting Eniokos Services in case of any errors. Eniokos Services is not liable or responsible for a delay in service resulting from unforeseen circumstances, such as technical problems, including server or connection issues that are beyond our control. Eniokos Services will make every effort to meet deadlines and communicate in a timely manner with customers in the case of unforeseen technical problems.



Eniokos Services is committed to ensure high quality service to customers. In editing and proofreading work, we ensure that the errors are eliminated, and the document follows the guidelines you provided. However, it is your responsibility to check the edited document to ensure it meets your requirements and to accept or reject the proposed revisions and suggestions. The ultimate responsibility for the accuracy and presentation of information, data, and intended meaning rests with our customers and users. Eniokos Services is not responsible for changes in meaning caused by our editing service - please read the final draft carefully before using it for your intended purpose. Our editing work will not alter the quality or novelty of your scientific work, your skills, your data, your presentation, etc., and thus we cannot guarantee the acceptance or approval of your paper, article, thesis, proposal, etc. on any platform. The customer is solely responsible for consulting with their supervisors, college or university guidelines, and the guidelines of academic journals and publishers to ensure that their written work is compliant with the relevant guidelines.



Order can be placed via this form only after prior discussion and agreement over phone or email with Eniokos Services. The advance payment and final payment are to be made as decided beforehand by mutual agreement. A contract between Eniokos Services and the customer commences as soon as the customer has made the advance payment for the service and the payment has been received by Eniokos Services. The receipt of payment is taken to mean that the customer has confirmed that the work is to commence. Refunds are not applicable on cancellation of order by the Customer. Eniokos Services does not accept any liability to anyone from any loss or damage however caused resulting from services provided. If any amount remains unpaid after the period of time specified on the invoice, Eniokos Services reserves the right (in addition to its right to claim for payment) to discontinue, withhold or suspend products or services to the Customer to whom such unpaid amounts relate. The customer is responsible for describing the requirements of the service required accurately and in detail to Eniokos Services at the time of submitting a job or during discussions. These requirements form the statement of work. Failure by the customer to provide correct and accurate information in the statement of work may result in the cancellation of a contract by Eniokos Services.

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