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We value and protect your privacy and confidentiality. All information, intellectual property, data of any kind, and content that you provide us directly or indirectly, will be kept confidential and handled securely. The material obtained from you is stored in a dedicated folder that is password protected, for each client. We will not share any information about you, with anyone, unless required by law. No hard copies are made of any content. Our dedicated work computers are updated, secure, firewalled, password protected and used in a private setting using secured wi-fi. The work is not sub-contracted or outsourced without permission. If you specify your material is extra sensitive, the contents will be stored on an encrypted drive. NDA is available on request.


The sites and servers used in the services we provide have 256 Bit SSL and https protocols. The content of your form submissions is encrypted. Eniokos Services treats all communications confidentially. We do not discuss the contents of your project with anyone. The files or their contents provided by you will not be shared with anyone else in any form. We delete the files related to the project, on receipt of written instruction, immediately after completion of service; or after 120 days, if no instruction is received. We do not disclose any clients' identities or contact information without first getting permission to do so. We will not share or display the work done for you with anyone else without express authorization from you. 

Read the full terms and conditions of service here

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