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We offer these language services:

  • Proofreading & Editing Services (English)

  • Writing Services (English)

  • Translation (Hindi to English)

  • Transcription Services

    • English to English (including Indian accents)

    • Hindi to English

    • Hinglish to English 

    • Customized Transcription: Transcription with Writing, Research and Editing Services. 

We go the extra mile! We ensure excellence and are committed to your satisfaction.

☑ Confidentiality Assured

☑ Customized Services

☑ Timely Delivery

☑ Revisions and meetings included in package

As meticulous and diligent freelancers, we offer you:  

✔ Tailored expertise

✔ Direct and clear communication 

✔ Flexibility and adaptability to your project's dynamic needs

✔ Faster turnaround with streamlined processes

✔ Personalized attention

✔ Cost-effectiveness

Eniokos Editing, Translation & Transcrip
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